Shelter is one of the most basic human needs, and yet many of our brothers and sisters in Los Banos lack that basic nessecity. Providing another human being a shelter is a wonderful way to practice loving our neighbors as ourselves. 


Your monetary gift will be used to provide a tent for a person in need in the Los Banos area.

The actual model and brand of tent will vary depending on availability and cost.


While we make every effort to find an affordable and quality tent that will meet the immediate needs of our fellow community members, some tents may cost less than $30 and some may cost more; however 100% of proceeds from this purchase will go toward the purchase of a tent.


How we treat others says a lot about who we are. Let us be like Christ.

Tent Distribution

To help ensure that tents are distributed in the most responsible manner possible, MSNaz will distribute all tents through New Direction (Turning Points Community Programs).

For more information about New Direction, go to their website at: