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In just under one year, Nazarenes from around the world will gather in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, for the 30th General Assembly and Conventions. 

“It is a great time to come together as a family to worship and celebrate that Jesus is Lord,” General Superintendent Carla Sunberg said. 

This will be the seventh time Indianapolis has hosted General Assembly, most recently in 2017. Additional visits to the Hoosier State occurred in 2013, 2005, 2001, 1993, and 1989. 

The theme of this year’s General Assembly is “Jesus is Lord,” which will be woven into the five corporate worship services and the quadrennial address during the assembly. The Board of General Superintendents will examine how the theme influences all facets of the Church of the Nazarene’s mission to make Christlike disciples in the nations.

The speakers and service schedule are as follows:

  • June 9th - Friday PM: Missions - Eugenio Duarte
  • June 10th- Saturday PM: Discipleship – Gustavo Crocker
  • June 11th – Sunday AM: Worship – David Graves
  • June 11th – Sunday PM: Evangelism – David Busic
  • June 12th – Monday AM: Quadrennial Address – Carla Sunberg
  • June 12th – Monday PM: Compassion – Fili Chambo

For more information on the 30th General Assembly and Conventions, click here

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