Our Story

Mercy Springs Church has been a part of the

Los Banos community since 1964.

As a Nazarene Church, we are Christian and missional. We believe that God created every person to bear His image and to reflect His glory back into the world around them. We believe in the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit that fills us with God’s love so that we would be driven to share that love with our neighbor.

Our story is about Jesus and it is about you. It is about Jesus who was from Nazareth, a place from which nothing good should have been able to come. That same Jesus brings us from the darkness and uses us—regardless of our faults, failures, addictions, or fears—in order to be light into this dark world. It is about how Jesus calls each one of us to feed the hungry, embrace the lonely, connect with the marginalized, and live to serve. We are Los Banos’ community church, we are the Mercy Springs Church of the Nazarene.