1/2 Christmas Dinner Family Box All donations will help feed families in our community.

(Half Box) Christmas Dinner Family Box

  • Each Complete Christmas Dinner Family box will contain: a $30 food card (to purchase turkey, or ham, along with other ingredients such as milk or butter); 2 boxes of Stuffing Mix; 1 5lb bag of Russet Potatoes; 2 boxes of Macaroni and Cheese;1 40oz can of Yams; 1 2lb bag Brown Sugar; 1 bag of Marshmallows; 2 cans Green Beans; 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup; French Fried Onions; 2 cans of Corn; 2 cans Cranberry Sauce; Gravy Packets; Pie; 1 dozen Hawaiian Rolls. Half, Third, Quarter, and Eighth boxes will be added together to make Complete Family Boxes. The price of each individual item has been rounded up to accommodate pricing fluctuations.