17 Easy Steps to Achieve Christian Maturity

Why is it that when I go to use my carpet shampooer, I find it broken? Then I look up YouTube videos to try and find shortcuts to fix the specific problem. I try them out only to have them not work and need to continue looking for the answers that I need. I’m getting frustrated along the way and it is taking me 4 times as long as it should to fix the problem. Then, my brilliant wife asks, ”Did you read the manual?” Um, I’m a guy, we figure stuff out. I don’t need to read about it!

There is something embedded in our DNA (as well as pride/ego) that makes us not want to follow any kind of instructions. I approach my Christian maturity in the same way. I want quick results to all of my issues that I bring to God on a regular basis. “God, please help me with my anger issues. God please help me with my fears. God please help me with my hardened heart.” I pray these things every day and without any results. At least not entirely. I make only small progressive steps, but I’m never sustaining the maturity needed the next time the issue comes back around. Then God says to me last night, ”Have you read the manual?”

Now, reading the shampooer manual is not the same as the bible but you get the hint. The shampooer only focuses on shampooing whereas the bible covers all the things we will cover in life and what God tells us about it. It is our guidance. What he wants from us. How we are to act. What we are to expect. So, if I’m not continually studying the bible, then how can I bring its knowledge into my everyday situations? It’s like trying to fix my shampooer without tools or instructions. We don’t need 17 easy steps to become a mature Christian.

Step 1, read the bible and study what it says. Don’t just have a reading schedule and feel accomplished when you can keep up with it. What did you learn? How can you apply it?

There is no quick fix. But it isn’t overly complicated either. Read/study Gods word every day by yourself and with a group, then everything else will fall into place. Maturity will happen naturally. And when that happens I believe it will be a little easier to figure out how to achieve the 17 so called steps.

Written by: Mark Goularte